SkillCasting is about productizing your knowledge. It’s about turning what you know into useful, educational solutions that help promote you or your business.

SkillCasting leverages the latest tools like online video, interactive e-learning, and screencasting. SkillCasting extends your existing internet presence by adding extra value, unique content, and viral opportunities.

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SkillCasting helps you find jobs because it highlights what you know and how you add value.

The hardest part of a job search is often figuring out a way to standout. By sharing and packaging your knowledge in meaningful ways, you’ll stand out from other candidates. You’ll compress decision cycle times because people will establish a connection with you. When you’ve written a whitepaper, developed a tutorial, or built an e-learning course on your subject matter, you’ll be recognized as an expert.

Use SkillCasting along with your existing blogging and social media strategies to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Small Businesses

In today’s hyper-competitive market, you must differentiate your business.

A great way to do that is to share your knowledge, freely, with others. Don’t worry about sharing what you know. Most customers will still want you to do it for them. And by giving freely, you’re establishing authority, trust, and a relationship with your customer. You’ll stand out from your competition. Use SkillCasting to drive viral opportunities and search engine optimization.

About Scott Skibell

I’ve been in the training & development industry for over 20 years. I’ve worked with all sorts of SME’s, otherwise known as subject matter experts. I’ve helped dozens and dozens of people take what they know, and turn it into useful training and communications.

I’m a geek. I see tools & technology and I can’t help but see the possibilities. I connect the dots. I couldn’t program to save my life though. Fortunately these days, we don’t need to. The tools are within the non-programmers grasp. And probably most importantly, I like teaching others how to use the tools so they can move forward.

I live in the heartland of America with my wife and two daughters. I’d say a pretty normal life. So even though I may worry about things like college education for my daughters, retirement for my wife and I, healthcare, and employment, I see tremendous opportunity in helping others.

And besides, employment is misleading. Job security is the confidence in your skills & abilities to add value and to be compensated for it – whether working for yourself or others

SkillCasting is about enabling you to do the same.