I’ve been playing with the new Camtasia:Mac 2.1 update. I love the new chromakey feature. But what difference does the camera make when trying to use Remove a Color feature in Camtasia?

This video shows 4 different video cameras including the built-in iSight camera, the Logitec C910, an iPhone, and a Canon T3i as video sources. Yes, your camera does make a difference.

I find the built-in iSight camera to be too close and unsharp. The Logitech to me was the biggest disappointment. I expected it to be better and I may have to play with it some more. I’ll do the same with the iPhone too because it should be better. The Canon T3i did produce the best results but hey, I guess that’s to be expected with about $1,200 worth of gear.

Camtasia Remove Color Panel

The Camtasia Remove a Color panel gives options for some fine-tuning the chromakey effect.

You can fine tune your chromakey video effect a little bit. This is no where near as good as the chromakey effect that I use in Final Cut Pro X but then again, we shouldn’t expect it to be either. I can adjust the color selection, tolerance, softness, hue, and defringe the color.

In my opinion, the key to making all this work is to have good lighting on us and on the colored background we’re trying to remove. If you get your background evenly lit, the color removal tool will do a good job. If it’s not quite even, you may have to fine-tune the tolerance some to get it to disappear.

All in all though, the cameras do a decent job. But if you want the best possible effect, use the best possible camera and make sure you have enough light.