Camtasia:Mac 2.1 is a Screencasting Game Changer

The new Camtasia:Mac 2.1 upgrade included a pleasant surprise–chromakeying!

I’ve been a asking for this feature since 2009. You see, I got tired of the usual picture-in-picture window that Camtasia and ScreenFlow provided. I never did like the effect. Granted, it’s better than nothing, but to me it looked very boxed in.

That’s when I started experimenting with using two video tracks to create a more natural looking video. I produced a quick tutorial on how I achieved the effect in my post Using Multiple Cameras in Your Screencasts. I like how this effect yields a more natural, conversational type of video. But it still wasn’t perfect in my opinion.

That’s when I jumped on the new version release of Camtasia. Being able to overlay a presenter on top of a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation is the way I envisioned it. I like how I can easily resize and move the presenter around the video. You can’t do this in iMovie. More importantly, it allows presenters to look at the camera so viewers can see your eyes, your smile, and witness your passion and enthusiasm. The presenter is the key component to a presentation and the new chromakey effect puts them front and center.

To the entire gang at TechSmith, kudo’s. You’ve nailed it.


  1. Here are my first two efforts using my new green screen & Camtasia’s new “Remove a Color” feature. Two things I’ve learned already: screen must be well & evenly lit, and camera needs to be on a tripod and perfectly still. ;-)

    • Scott Skibell says:

      Tommy, yes you’ve learned 2 key lessons. First, always try to keep your camera on a tripod. Even if you’re using an iPhone, get one of the tripod mounts for it. Second, having a even, well lit green is critical. It makes your key so much easier. Yes, you can adjust the tolerance, but your edges are sharper if it’s well lit top to bottom.

    • Hey Scott you might want to share with your fans this Camtasia for Mac coupon code that gives you a whopping 50% OFF the normal price of $99

      I just bought 2 copies for the price of one!

      How awesome is that?

      Here is the coupon code “CS2CM” without quotes obviously :-)

      • I completely undnastred about failing and learning from it. I’m making my first baby steps into screencasting for my AP Environmental Science class for next year. My first attempt has been a miserable failure, so I’m going to try another way. (I should probably just bite the bullet and go with Camtasia!) But however it works out, I will keep striving for success. Learning about technology has gotten me out of my comfort zone, but I am definitely LEARNING.

  2. Great videos and content as usual brother :-)

    Did you still use screenflow? Or have you moved entirely to Camtasia now?

    I used to do greenscreen about 3 years ago… but abandoned it because of the time it took to setup, edit, and light the screen etc.

    I wanted to be able to just film on the fly and not waste 30 min to 45 min on setup alone….lol

    But your video makes me want to revisit the idea… because I would love to use my keynotes for background for all my students :-)

    You are a RockStar!

    Doc Dan

    • Scott Skibell says:

      Dr. Dan, good to hear from you again my friend.

      Yes, I still use ScreenFlow. To me, it’s all about choosing the right tool for the job. I like ScreenFlow for the ability to render regions, transitions, and all-round ease of use. But like yourself, I too struggled with greenscreen videos. They really became a pain to produce. And that’s where the new Camtasia absolutely rocks. I want to do the same thing you do, easily produce videos of my delivery of Keynote presentations. I think the look of overlaying the presenter is so much more engaging than just using a picture-in-picture window. But more importantly, the workflow of creating them is a snap in Camtasia.

      I’ve created several videos for clients using nothing more than their greenscreen delivery and Camtasia. I’ll be doing even more like this for myself too.

      I encourage you to give it a try. I think for $99, it belongs in our toolkit. And you’ll have to show me some of the work you do with it. Talk to ya soon. Take care.

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