I’ve had a chance to play with the new Camtasia:Mac 2.1 update. I really like the new Remove a Color option and see all sorts of possibilities for using it. This capability is usually called chromakey. Here are 5 unique uses that I see right away:

  1. Repurpose some of your existing Keynote/PowerPoint presentations.
  2. Add a video link to your signature file.
  3. Create custom network follow-up video.
  4. Create a video specifically for your blog sidebar.
  5. Answer your frequently asked questions.

In this video I created the outline in MindMeister and showed my iPad screen via the Reflection app. I recorded my screen with Camtasia and synced it with my video delivery. I then removed my greenscreen background via the Camtasia Remove a Color feature and boom, the presentation was done.

I’ve been asking for a chromakey option in the high-end screencasting apps since 2009. I like how TechSmith listened and really raised the bar on screencasting in general. Telestream, the makers of ScreenFlow, really need to sit up and take note on this one.

What other uses do you see for the chromakey feature in the new Camtasia:Mac?