iPhone Microphone vs. Rode SmartLav and VideoMic Pro

I received a comment on one of my YouTube videos about “hiss” coming from the microphone. I put together this quick video in my office to compare the regular iPhone 5 microphone to the Rode SmartLav and the Rode VideoMic Pro . I’ll let you listen to the differences.

Each microphone has it’s own unique […]

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Shotgun Microphone Comparison

Hey everyone. Sorry it’s been so long between posts. Work has had me slammed.

I’m upgrading my camera from the Canon T4i to the Canon XA-20 video camera. I’ll save the reasons for upgrading for another post but it put me in a position to get another microphone. In this quick video, I compare 3 different […]

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Rode smartLav review

I’m quite impressed with the new Rode smartLav microphone . The build and sound quality are quite good. While I did a couple of other quick videos on it, I wanted to take a little more time to share some of my thoughts on this unit.

The first thing that caught me was that the cord […]

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Rode smartLav microphone comparision

Rode just introduced a wired lavalier microphone specifically for mobile devices. The Rode smartLav is a wired TRRS microphone. This means it works with cell phones, tablets, and other portable devices that use a single headset jack for audio and microphone features. It is NOT designed to be plugged into a video camera. Those require […]

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6 Different iPhone 4S microphones compared

The best way to improve your video right off the bat is to improve your audio. This video compares 6 different microphone solutions you can hear them being used in an iPhone video.

The 6 different microphones I compare are:
1. iPhone 4S built-in mic
2. Audio Technica ATR-3350
3. Audio Technica ATR55
4. Zoom H1
5. Sony ECM-AW3
6. Sony […]

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The iPhone and Sony UWP Wireless Microphone

The iPhone accepts wireless microphones if you use a kVConnection cable. In this video, I demonstrate the iPhone 4 along with the Sony UWP-V1 wireless microphone. I think you’ll notice exceptional voice quality.

Now that I’ve been using this mic setup for a few months, I’m really impressed with it. I use it in my […]

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Improve iPhone Audio with Fostex AR-4i Microphone

Improve your iPhone videos by improving your audio quality. The Fostex AR-4i helps you capture better audio while shooting video with your iPhone 4.

I like to shoot a lot of iPhone 4 video and I think it can be the perfect way to create to create small business videos. One thing lacking, and it’ll ruin […]

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iMovie ’11 Audio Enhancements for iPhone Videos

Note: This post originally appeared on MacScreencasting at http://www.macscreencasting.com/imovie-11-audio-enhancements-for-iphone-videos on 10.22.2010. Due to recent hacking activity, I’m consolidating my sites and moving the MacScreencasting posts into SkillCasting. I’ll then be shutting down MacScreencasting.

The new iLife ’11 just came out yesterday and I wanted to see the changes in iMovie. As you know, I use iMovie […]

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Improve iPhone Video with kVConnection Cable

Note: This post originally appeared on MacScreencasting at http://www.macscreencasting.com/improve-iphone-4-audio-with-kvconnection-cable on 10.6.2010. Due to recent hacking activity, I’m consolidating my sites and moving the MacScreencasting posts into SkillCasting. I’ll then be shutting down MacScreencasting.

On my previous posts regarding an iPhone 4 microphone, I wasn’t able to test out the kVConnection audio cable because I didn’t have […]

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Screencasting Microphone Comparison

Note: This post originally appeared at http://www.macscreencasting.com/audio-and-microphone-comparison-for-screencasting on 6.21.2010. Due to recent WordPress hacks, I’m consolidating my sites and I’ll be moving the MacScreencasting posts over to SkillCasting. Then I’ll shut down MacScreencasting.

The quality of your audio is an important consideration for your screencasts. In fact, poor audio can ruin an otherwise great screencast. But […]

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