Camtasia:Mac 2.1 is a Screencasting Game Changer

The new Camtasia:Mac 2.1 upgrade included a pleasant surprise–chromakeying!

I’ve been a asking for this feature since 2009. You see, I got tired of the usual picture-in-picture window that Camtasia and ScreenFlow provided. I never did like the effect. Granted, it’s better than nothing, but to me it looked very boxed in.

That’s when I started experimenting […]

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Camtasia:Mac Creative Chromakey Uses

I’ve had a chance to play with the new Camtasia:Mac 2.1 update. I really like the new Remove a Color option and see all sorts of possibilities for using it. This capability is usually called chromakey. Here are 5 unique uses that I see right away:

Repurpose some of your existing Keynote/PowerPoint presentations.
Add a video link […]

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TechSmith ScreenChamp Entry

I really do believe screencasting is so much more than just software tutorials. This entry into TechSmith’s ScreenChamp contest is targeted for the “Industry” category and specifically the screencasting industry!

I don’t expect to win because it’s not a “traditional” screencast of my monitor. However, I hope to inspire other screencasters to think beyond software tutorials. […]

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ScreenFlow 3.0 Training Tips

The new version of ScreenFlow was just released this week. It’s a great update to an already great product. There are several new things being introduced with this version and I’ve made a couple of quick videos to show them to you.

I’m also starting ScreenFlow Training as a new online training service. I’ll be […]

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