Rode smartLav review

I’m quite impressed with the new Rode smartLav microphone . The build and sound quality are quite good. While I did a couple of other quick videos on it, I wanted to take a little more time to share some of my thoughts on this unit.

The first thing that caught me was that the cord […]

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Rode smartLav microphone comparision

Rode just introduced a wired lavalier microphone specifically for mobile devices. The Rode smartLav is a wired TRRS microphone. This means it works with cell phones, tablets, and other portable devices that use a single headset jack for audio and microphone features. It is NOT designed to be plugged into a video camera. Those require […]

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How-to Connect With Your Viewer: Three Essential Video Tips

I help a lot of local business owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs develop videos. When coaching them on their delivery, I emphasize three key points for their delivery.

Now I will say, they don’t always include them. I know, sometimes they get nervous and forget. But I’ve noticed that when they do include these delivery characteristics, their […]

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6 Different iPhone 4S microphones compared

The best way to improve your video right off the bat is to improve your audio. This video compares 6 different microphone solutions you can hear them being used in an iPhone video.

The 6 different microphones I compare are:
1. iPhone 4S built-in mic
2. Audio Technica ATR-3350
3. Audio Technica ATR55
4. Zoom H1
5. Sony ECM-AW3
6. Sony […]

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Kansas City Small Business Video Marketing Presentation

Small businesses need to incorporate video marketing. But you maybe asking, why and where do I begin? This series answers why, what, how, and wraps with killer YouTube tips to give your small business web videos the competitive edge.

I gave this workshop on Down & Dirty Video Marketing at the SHBC Entrepreneurial Expo, held on […]

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Overland Park Video Marketing

Small business video marketing is a huge opportunity. Here in Overland Park, and the rest of the Kansas City area, very few small businesses are taking advantage of video marketing. Lets explore why you should include video marketing in your marketing mix, how you can create your own videos, and finally, some different types of […]

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iPhone 4S vs. Canon T3i Video Comparison

I shoot a lot of video with my iPhone. But how does it really compare to a higher-end camera? In this comparison, I show the exact same video on an iPhone 4S and a Canon T3i.

Now since having shot this, I found I can remotely focus the T3i by using a remote. This autofocuses the […]

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iPhone 4S video comparison

The new iPhone 4S is a worthy upgrade to the original iPhone 4. But how do the video cameras compare?

In this video, I’ve synchronized the exact same footage between the two phones so you can see the side-by-side differences.

Did you notice the color differences and the sharpness? The new iPhone has a larger aperture setting […]

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Amazon Kindle Fire Video

I watched Amazon’s Kindle Fire video in awe. Yes, I think the Fire is an intriguing new device but it was the video that caught my eye!

Differentiate your video marketing

These are your typical “talking head” type of videos. I like how they had multiple speakers, at different angles, and different focal points. The background is […]

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Shoot Better iPhone Video

On the private Video Traffic Academy Facebook page, there’s a discussion about using different pocket digital camcorders. Lots of people use the various Kodak units but I mentioned that I’m using my iPhone for more and more video. And it seems I’m not alone. I put together a quick video that I initially had as […]

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