Dictating with your iPhone and Dragon Naturally Speaking

Mark McGuinness over at Lateral Action had an interesting post about how Dragon Naturally Speaking (affiliate link) can make you a better writer. I couldn’t agree more.

When it comes to creating content for SkillCasting, a transcription tool is a clever way to get more things done. I’ve used my iPhone combined with iTalk Recorder and Dragon Naturally Speaking to create remote transcriptions.

The video below shows you how I do it.



    • james braselton says:

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  2. keith gall says:

    thanks it works great however if you use iProRecorder it already downloads as wav file so you save a step.. cheers keith

  3. Scott Skibell says:


    Great catch and good to know. Thanks for sharing.

    Anything that saves a step or two in the process is a help. Hopefully one day we’ll have MacSpeech able to import .aiff or .mp3 files so we won’t have to use Dragon under Windows.

  4. tuffkids@hotmail.com says:

    Nice , very helpful .

  5. Now it’s even simplier…

  6. Scott Skibell says:

    Yes, the new Dragon iPhone app has GREATLY simplified things. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s awesome. And yes, it really does work.

    If you’re not familiar with the punctuation commands, it’ll really help if you speak your periods, comma’s, and new paragraph. Once you do that, you’ll get well formatted text. Then it’s a snap to send it to an email or copy it all.

    As the guest video shows, it’s no longer necessary to have the full-blown app running on a computer. Just use your iPhone.

    Apple, you should REALLY consider licensing this technology from Dragon.

  7. boccio@speechware.be says:

    Super Scott, but too many operations for simple voice recordings… We have a far more efficient and practical, fully automated way to transcribe from your iPhone. Please download and test Transcription Aid from http://transcriptionaid.net/download/index.php 


    JM Boccio

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