It’s overwhelming. You need to, or at least want to, create online training and communications. You want to get your message out there but you’re not even sure where to begin. All the tools and technology just seems too much. You’ve got all this knowledge in your head, you just need help getting it out.

Maybe I can help.

After 20 years in the training industry, I’ve worked with countless experts to take what they know and turn into useful training & communications. Some of the services I provide are:


Sometimes you just need a sounding board. Someone with a critical eye to review your training presentation or provide some critical insight to your idea. Or perhaps you’re looking for suggestions on where to begin, the tools you can use, and how to pull it all together.

Presentation Creation

If you’re looking to move beyond bullet points on a PowerPoint, I can help. I encourage crafting visually stunning presentations that educate, inspire, and tell a story.


If you have a computer or web based solution, I demonstrate how it all works. By using the latest tools, I create web versions and even videos for portable delivery on iPhones.

Webinar recordings and enhancements

Lets face it, most webinars have audio and technical glitches that ruin the quality of the recording and more importantly, your reputation. Together we can capture great audio and sync it with your presentation to create an outstanding offline webinar. I turn your presentations into portable training modules and re-purpose them for iPhones and iPads.

Training creation

By using the most current rapid e-learning tools, I turn your presentations and knowledge into effective Flash based e-learning modules complete with navigation, interactions, and testing.


I work with consultants, authors, and small businesses to create videos that educate and inspire. If you have a message to get out there, you need to use video. I can show you how or do it for you.

I love talking to people about ideas. Contact me with questions and I’m happy to share my knowledge.