The iPhone and Sony UWP Wireless Microphone

The iPhone accepts wireless microphones if you use a kVConnection cable. In this video, I demonstrate the iPhone 4 along with the Sony UWP-V1[aff] wireless microphone. I think you’ll notice exceptional voice quality.

Now that I’ve been using this mic setup for a few months, I’m really impressed with it. I use it in my home office and outside and get perfect results every time. The mic has 2 parts. The transmitter has a small wired lav microphone that clips to your shirt. You can run the wire underneath your shirt and plug it into the transmitter. I clip the transmitter onto my back pocket or belt. The receiver is a tad larger and attaches to a camera cold shoe connector. If I use with my iPhone, I just attach it to the tripod. I plug the receivers audio out to the kVConnection cable and that plugs into my iPhone.

I will say though, the UWP-V1[aff] isn’t cheap. It’s around $500 on Amazon. But if you’re looking for a great mic, I highly recommend it. The demonstration speaks for itself.

*** Updated 1/11/12 with transcript ***

Hey, everybody. This is Scott. If you’ve followed my stuff for any length of time, you know I’m always on the lookout for that perfect audio solution. We all know that if we’re going to have the best possible video we have to have good audio. The way we make audio work with our iPhone 4 is with the KV connection cable so you can plug in an external microphone.

I think I’ve finally found that perfect external microphone. I’m using a professional Sony system right now. This is the Lavalier mike. It’s all metal, it’s high quality, great frequencies, UHF wireless mike. I think you’d have to agree that the audio quality is exquisite. It’s perfect. It sounds really, really good. You know how far away I’ve been from the camera. I’ve got to tell you, I really think this is it.

If you’re looking for a great solution to your iPhone 4 video, I found it. I think you will, too. Definitely check out the Sony set-up.

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  1. Scott have you reviewed the Scosche FreedomMic yet?

    Here is a link to the product. Was curious before I invested in this.

    • Drew, this is the first I’ve heard of it. Looks interesting though.

      After reading up on it, I can’t tell if you HAVE to use their iPhone app or not. That could be a problem. The internal, rechargeable battery can present problems too because it’s often necessary to change batteries while in the field. For example, after conducting a lot of trade show interviews. One of the things I really like about the Sony ECM-AW3 unit is that I can pop in fresh AAA batteries. It’s incredibly small, lightweight, and portable too. The Scosche looks even more portable though.

      I’ve reached out to their marketing department for an evaluation unit for review. If they send me one, I’ll definitely put it thru it’s paces.

  2. Scott, wow. The audio quality is exceptionally clear. Can’t wait to see this in a iphone 4s. That’s the PERFECT system.

    I mean you could use a DLSR but do you need one? nah…

    • I hear ya. The iPhone 4S with the UWP-V1 is a great setup. A great picture and the right audio to go along with it.

      And lets not forget the focusing on the 4S. It’s a lot easier to work with than my DSLR for video. Not saying there isn’t a difference, it’s just a lot easier though.

  3. Great review, Scott.

    I just received a Scosche FreedomMic today and was hopeful that it would provide clear audio along with my iPhone 4s but it’s absolutely horrible. There’s a slight static hum and the audio is muffled at best. There’s just no way to make sound good. So I’m going with the Sony UWP-V1. Your demonstration video sold me.

    Question: Which kV Connection cable should I purchase to go along with this setup? This one..

    or this one…

    Or is there another cable I need? Can you help point me in the right direction?

    • Sorry to hear about the Scosche. I was hoping it would be a good solution. In fact, I had contacted them requesting an evaluation unit but never heard back from them.

      The Sony UWP-V1 is a great microphone setup if you can afford it. My only regret is not purchasing the lav and microphone together. It’s an extra $200 I think but having a compatible wireless mic would be the best of both worlds. It would make things like trade show interviews a breeze. To acquire it separately is like $300.

      These Sony receivers use the 3.5mm connectors. Therefore, I would get the second kVconnection link you sent me. This adapter will accept ANY 3.5mm microphone cable. So the Sony ECM-AW3 wireless bluetooth unit I’ve talked about before works as well. Or, you could just about any consumer wireless mic because the 3.5mm (1/8th inch) connector is pretty standard.

      Hope this helps. Holler if I can do anything.

  4. Do you know if there is a way to remotely start and stop the video on iphone4s? I often make training videos and it would be nice if I could get into place then start the video without an assistant.
    Thank you . :)

    • Scott Skibell says:

      Robin, I know the new Swivl product has a remote switch. I’ll be doing a review on that product real soon. There might be other products out there but I’m not aware of them. Like you, I’d like a start/stop remote as well.

      However, in my experience, I’m still doing some editing to my videos so trimming the start/stop isn’t that big of a deal to me. The bigger issue is getting the right exposure and focus lock when working by yourself.

  5. Have you tried these at all Scott? Just looking into them a bit.

  6. Thanks! Just got the lavalier based on your suggestion. Yes indeed, fantastic sound with nice long range and worth the $550 investment! I’m done with the cheap old microphones and the “plastic pretend lavaliers” for good.

    Also, I’m pretty techy with software but definitely not so much with hardware, so I greatly appreciated the photo you inserted in the video showing how to connect it to an iPhone. Pretty simple but I appreciated the photo confirmation nonetheless. :)

  7. Noel Zimmerman says:

    Does this microphone work with the iPad 2 as well. I don’t want to spend $550 to only realize it doesn’t work. Thank you

    • Scott Skibell says:

      Noel, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t tested this explicitly on an iPad 2. I have an iPad 3. It definitely should work though and I’ve used other mics with a 3.5mm jack with my iPad. Here are my suggestions:
      1. Definitely get a kv connection cable. You’ll need this regardless of which mic you go with. The iPad/iPhone don’t accept regular mics just being plugged into them. They need this conversion cable. So, this is the first step.
      2. Buy this mic setup from a reputable source like B&H or Amazon so you can always return it if necessary. I get my equipment from just these 2 places and am quite pleased. This setup with your iPad will work but you want to make sure you’re pleased with the quality. You’re going to want a good return policy just incase. Lets face it, it’s a serious investment at $500.
      3. Think thru your thoughts of recording video with the iPad 2. The camera was pretty weak on it. It’s been improved on the iPad 3 and iPad 4. You’ll definitely notice it. Consider selling it and paying a tad more for a new/used 3 or 4 for the better rear camera. You can also use an iPhone with the same configuration. The camera on the iPhone 5 is quite good.

      Hope these suggestions help. -Scott

  8. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for this excellent video. I am going to be making some fitness how-to videos and I trying to purchase the Sony UWP V1 but there seems to be several options – 3032, 4042 etc…the most common one I’m finding is the 3032. Does it matter which one? I am buying it for an iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.


  9. it looks as though this mic has been discontinued. Is there a replacement?

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