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Mobile first

It’s more than just a saying. You’ll find SkillCasting is designed with a mobile first philosophy. That means it’s completely mobile responsive and optimized for smartphone & tablet access. It has large buttons, accordion drop-downs, and lots of videos. I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to SkillCasting

Hi, I’m Scott Skibell. I put SkillCasting together as a way to share some of what I’ve learned in over 20-years of training & development. It focuses on alternative delivery methods like e-learning, screencasting, virtual delivery, and video. These are newer delivery methods that I’m interested in and you’ll see examples throughout the site. I’ve included links to additional resources as well.

I provide consulting for individuals and businesses. It really depends upon your needs. I can help you produce a screencast, convert your PowerPoint presentations to e-learning, or develop video presentations for you. Every engagement is unique.

Here is an example video you’ll find on my work and types of videos I create.
If these are the types of things you’re interested in, I’d love to connect with you. Feel free to contact me here or via LinkedIn. Thanks for stopping by.